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About Me
Hello, I'm Peter Orozco (that's O-r-O-Z-c-o, not "Orzoco" or "Orzco"). Over the years I've been an aspiring comic book artist, musician, novelist, would-be movie maker/videographer, movie extra, programmer, photographer, website coder, solo traveler, and corporate employee.

So, about me: A definite night owl. I like to hang out in coffee shops or late-night restaurants having intelligent conversations and listening to those who have something to say. I like going on yearly road trips across the U.S. and Canada when I can. I read and collect antiquarian books and magazines and like a wide variety of musical styles, mostly rock, but also 1920's-era jazz and pop, a bit of swing, big band, disco, classical, older R&B and soul, and old-style country, as well as other genres.

What I've done: I've wasted years in idle pursuits and in laboring away to make and keep other people rich. I drafted what was to have been the first part of a novel from 2001-2002, self-published a photography chapbook in late 2003, was a regular attendee and two-time fill-in host at an open mic held at a local record store from 2002-2004 and later the co-operator of a successor open mic from 2010-2011, acted (very) briefly in an aborted independent movie production called tOUCHED, and once wore a black jumpsuit and mask and ran out in front of people under a strobe light as an actor in a haunted house.

More about me: Early in 2007, temporarily free after a three-year stint with corporate America, I decided it was time I did something creative for a change, hence this website.

Miscellaney: I oppose infant circumcision and other medically and ethically unjustifiable procedures. I work with totally amateur video capturing and editing as a hobby and would like to work on and put together a shoestring video project down the road. I like spicy foods, retro gaming review videos, silent / classic movies and films, Star Trek (NOT the J.J. Abrams reboots or the Enterprise television series), and prefer cold weather over hot.

Other things I've done: I helped run the Lost Art Open Mic from May 2010-June 2011 and was the driving force behind a performance CD put out to promote it in late 2010. I have made video and sound recordings of local poets and musicians. I have visited or passed through 41 of the 50 U.S. states and six Canadian provinces on various road trips. I have taken tens of thousands of photographs of mostly local rock bands since 2007 using both film and digital cameras. I have put this website together.

Whom I'd like to meet: People with integrity. People with interesting things to say over late night coffee. If you are one of these people, drop me a line.