Dallas skyline, (c) 2012 by Peter Orozco
Frequently Asked Questions
To contact me about special events, networking, advertising, interviews, quotations, or to report something broken or inaccurate on the website, go here. If you want to provide site feedback, or simply want to send a shout out my way, please use the Shout Outs page.
Do you shoot for a magazine?
No, only for this site, and on occasion for other people.
How long have you been taking pictures?
Since 1995.
Where did you learn photography?
From experience, mostly.
What kind of camera do you use?
A Canon EOS 40D. Prior to the 40D, I used two main cameras: a Mamiya/Sekor DTL1000, from circa 1968 (used from 2002-2008), and a Canon EOS Rebel G (used in 2008). Over the years I've made use of various other cameras, including a Nikon Zoom-Touch 470 AF (35mm), a Polaroid 35mm AF, a Kodak Tele-Instamatic 608 (110 format), and a Kodak EasyShare C613 (digital point and shoot). I have also done some work with a Polaroid One 600 instant camera, as seen on this site. On occasion, for casual or travel photos, or when I had nothing else available, I have use various cell phones as well (a Lumia 925).
Do you do weddings?
Do you hire out as a photographer for shows / events?
I have on occasion, yes. Drop me a line to discuss.
Do you do professional portrait work?
Do you shoot film?
No, not since 2008. It's too expensive and it's gotten too difficult to get quality film processing.
What films did you use?
Color: The main color films were Fuji Pro 800Z (2007-2008) and Kodak Royal Gold 100/400 (1995-1997). I also (from 2006-2007, afterward far less frequently) used Fuji True Definition 400, Fujicolor Superia X-TRA 400/800, and Kodak Max 400/800. These latter films were of snapshot grade quality and produced significantly inferior results, so I generally tried to restrict their use to situations where I wasn't able to get my hands on something better or when quality was not paramount. Fuji Pro 800Z was a premium film that performed extremely well in low light levels, making it an ideal choice for shooting live concerts.

Black and White: Kodak T-Max (1995-2003), Ilford HP5 Plus 400 (2007-2008), and the C-41 process films Kodak BW400CN (2007-2008) and Ilford XP-2 (1995-2008). I also tried Ilford Delta 400 for a short time.

Did you process / develop your own film?
No. I never had access to a darkroom and never learned how to process and print film. I shot the film and then took it to a lab and told them how I wanted it processed.
Do you sell prints of any of the photos on this site?
No, not as of this writing.
Why are you against circumcision?
Take a look at "The Unacknowledged Trauma" and you'll see.
Do you have a Facebook page?
Yes, see the PAO Productions Facebook page.
Do you have an Instagram page?
Yes, under the username of "paoprod."
Do you have a YouTube account?
Yes. See the PAO Productions YouTube page.
Have you ever performed anywhere?
I read three times at the old open mic at Bill's Records, twice in 2002 and once in 2003, reading other people's work each time.
Have you ever performed anything you've written?
What else have you written other than what's on this site?
I have written a few things over the years, some of which are posted on this site, and I did draft the first part of what was to be a novel from 2001-2002. I have no plans for any new writing projects.
Are there any copies left of the Portraits chapbook?
There are three left as of this writing. All of them are my own personal copies.
Do you play any instruments?
I have a drum set that I used to play occasionally.
What kind of drum set do you have?
A CB percussion five piece starter kit.
Do you play in a band?
No. I was once supposed to help form one a long time ago, but it didn't work out.
What kind of music do you listen to?
Oldies, classic rock, hard rock, metal, thrash, swing, punk, 1920s / 1930s jazz and pop recordings, traditional / New Orleans-style jazz, a little (generally old) country, a little rockabilly, a little classical, a little of other genres depending on my mood at the time.
Tape reels, PAO Productions Open Mic Project
What did you use to record people for the Open Mic Project and Lost Art Open Mic?
Audio recordings were initially made using a Sony TC-377 two track 1/4 inch tape machine (some earlier recordings were made on a TC-399 model). From August 2010 onward, recordings were made as digital files with a simultaneously running analog tape backup. The tape backup served as a fail-safe in case of a computer failure or audio clipping on the digital copy.
What did you use to edit the recordings?
GoldWave Audio Editor and/or Adobe Audition.
I am / I know a good poet or open mic artist. Are you looking for more people for the Open Mic Project?
No, not at this time.
Will you be involved with another open mic?
I have attended various open mics and events around the Dallas area as photographer and to support people I know in the local scene. I have no plans to be personally involved with running another open mic.
Are there CDs or chapbooks available for any of the open mic / spoken word artists featured on this site?
There have been a few releases through me (PAO Productions) of material by Opalina Salas and Josh Weir, as well as the Live at Lost Art Open Mic CD from November 2010 which features recordings of a number of people who attended that open mic. These are listed on the Releases & Downloads page. Johnny Olson has published six issues of the Mad Swirl 'zine, all of which are out of print though some of the material is still available in electronic form through the Mad Swirl website. Most of the other musicians and spoken word artists have published chapbooks and/or CDs at one time or another. Where I have access to a list of published works, it is included with an artist's biography or write up. See the Open Mic Project for these.
What are you using to record the videos on this site?
The standard definition videos on this site were first recorded using a Sony CCD-TRV87 Hi8 Handycam, later superseded by a JVC GR-DV3000 digital camcorder (mini DV format) and then by a Sony DCR-TRV30 digital camcorder (also mini DV format). Anything done in the future will be made using as-to-be-determined HD equipment. I am not currently creating any kind of video projects.
What programs are you using to put the videos together?
Analog video media are transferred to digital using a Canopus ADVC-110 external DV converter and Adobe Premiere. Any needed audio processing and/or equalization is done using GoldWave and/or Adobe Audition. Non-linear editing of all video is done in Premiere, and any video effects are added through Premiere and/or VirtualDub. For the online versions presented on this site, an encode is made to H264 via HandBrake. For any future HD projects, I will be looking at various Linux video editing programs as options.
Do you mind if I use any of the pictures on this site?
It all depends. If you're in one of the bands pictured and want to use a picture on a flyer, etc., I will probably be okay with this as long as you contact me FIRST to make sure and agree to credit me and/or this site.
How do I reserve advertising space on the site?
If you are interested in running a banner on the site's home page, contact me to discuss.
What did you use to design this site? Which browser is this site optimized for?
All pages on this site were manually coded in HTML and JavaScript. I currently use the old Presto-based Opera 12 for coding and design. All pages are further tested for compatibility with all major browsers on both desktop and mobile. If something is not working in your browser, please contact me. I'm not a professional web designer and this site is what it is.
Some pages are not displaying correctly or layout elements appear to be partially overlapping. Why is this?
This site is coded to work properly in the most recent versions of all modern browsers. You should not expect absolute compatibility with out of date versions of these browsers, particularly if you are using a version of Internet Explorer prior to 11 or any version of iOS prior to 5.
Why are the photo galleries not displaying?
The photo galleries make use of HTML5 with a Flash fallback. Either your browser is too old to support the latest HTML standards, or there is a problem with the Adobe Flash plugin.
Why are the videos and / or audio embeds not working?
The videos are presented in H264 format and require an HTML5 compatible browser or the Adobe Flash plugin. If you are not seeing the media player embedded on the page, ensure that you have the appropriate plugins installed for playing videos via the Flash player (available via the Adobe website). If after installing the plugin you are still not able to view the videos, or the page is not working properly, then ensure that you do not have JavaScript disabled in your browser or for this site. The media players make interactive use of JavaScript, and if this feature are disabled, some content will not function correctly.
How often is this site updated?
There is no regular schedule for updates. See the home page, the News and Updates page, and the Site Updates page for the most recent updates.
Why did you decide to create this site?
Why not?