Photography, photo (c) 2008 by Peter Orozco
This area of the site samples photography from my start in 1995 through the present. Prior to September 2008 my main cameras were a Mamiya/Sekor DTL1000, from circa 1968 (2002-2008), and a Canon EOS Rebel G (used in 2008). Certain very early shots dating back to summer 1995 were taken on a Kodak Tele-Instamatic 608 (110 format), later supplanted by a Polaroid 35mm AF (my first 35mm camera), and then by a Nikon Zoom-Touch 470 AF 35mm camera which I continued to use on occasion as late as summer 2008. Since September 2008 my primary camera has been a Canon EOS 40D.
Favorite film stocks over the years included Fuji Pro 800Z (2007-2008), Ilford HP5 Plus 400 (2007-2008), the C-41 process films Kodak BW400CN (2007-2008) and Ilford XP-2 (1995-2008), Kodak T-Max (1995-2003), and Kodak Royal Gold 100/400 (1995-1997). Other, inferior, film stocks such as Fuji True Definition, Fujicolor Superia X-TRA, and Kodak Max were used on occasion as well.