Road Trips. Photo (c) 2012 by Peter Orozco
Road Trips
At least once a year I like to hit the road, to leave work, bands, events, open mics, and everything else behind for a while and go visit distant places and friends. The first such excursion was in 2003 with a trip to New Orleans, the next in December 2010 with a trip to Illinois, which was followed by a break in 2011. In the summer of 2012, the trips resumed, kicking off a yearly tradition. Follow me along on the road by viewing the galleries below.

New trips and trip photographs will be added as they are taken.

2013 Spring Road Trip, PAO Productions
The first "big" road trip, with stops in Oklahoma, Chicago, Detroit, Toronto, and on eastward to Boston, Daytona Beach, and Austin. Also got to try my hand at off roading and go up in the CN Tower.
2012 Summer Road Trip, PAO Productions
My first significant road trip took me to Illinois, Michigan, and Chicago, and on into Canada for my first visits to Toronto and Niagara Falls.
2003 New Orleans Road Trip, PAO Productions
My first notable road trip took me to New Orleans for a four night stay during Jazz Fest.