2013 Spring Road Trip, (c) 2013 by Peter Orozco
2013 Spring Road Trip
The first "big" road trip, with stops in Oklahoma, Chicago, Detroit, Toronto, and on eastward to Boston, Daytona Beach, and Austin. I also got to try my hand at off roading and go up in the CN Tower.

First Leg - Dallas to Highland Township

It was overcast and threatening showers when I left Dallas on the way to Oklahoma. After an hour or so of rain the weather cleared up nicely, and the road trip really began. This year's trip included planned stops in Eufaula, Chicago, Highland Township, Toronto, Daytona Beach, New Orleans, Houston, and Austin, along with some free wandering along the East Coast. The total length would be just under two weeks spent on the road. First on the agenda were afternoon visits to friends in Oklahoma and Illinois.

Second leg - Highland and Detroit

Arriving Thursday night, I would spend the next four days staying with friends in Michigan before resuming the nomad's life. This would include trips to the Motown Museum and wandering around Detroit, going to the lake, off roading, fireworks, and time just spent with the family.

Third Leg - Canada

I left Michigan on Monday afternoon, headed for Canada. In 2012 I barely spent any time in the Toronto area, and this year I planned to make up for that over the next three days and two nights before returning to the United States and heading southward.

Fourth Leg - East Coast to Texas

The last leg of the road trip would prove to be the most grueling, with a lot of time spent driving cross country. Due to time constraints and fatigue, I dropped the stop in New Orleans in favor of time with friends in Florida. After nearly two weeks on the road, it was time to come home.