2012 Summer Road Trip, (c) 2012 by Peter Orozco
2012 Summer Road Trip
My first significant road trip took me to Illinois, Michigan, and Chicago, and on into Canada for my first visits to Toronto and Niagara Falls.

First Leg - Dallas to Highland Township

It was overcast and threatening showers when I left Dallas on the way to Oklahoma. After an hour or so of rain the weather cleared up nicely, and the road trip really began. This year's trip included planned stops in Eufaula, Chicago, Highland Township, Toronto, Daytona Beach, New Orleans, Houston, and Austin, along with some free wandering along the East Coast. The total length would be just under two weeks spent on the road. First on the agenda were afternoon visits to friends in Oklahoma and Illinois.

Second leg - Canada

My first real excursion into Canada - a visit to Vaughan, Toronto, and Niagara Falls.

Third Leg - Illinois

Made it back to my friends' house in Hoopeston in the late afternoon, in time for a Little League game that evening. A trip up to Chicago was planned for the next day.