Lost Art Open Mic Lost Art Open Mic - December 2010
Many thanks to the readers and attendees who came out for the month of December:

Tiinia Auler, B.A., D'Anson Brody, Dan Chandler, Kevin Cook, Crazy J, Hallie Kathryn Davidson, Jason Gully, Harry McNabb, Joey Cloudy, Lilly Penhall, Opalina Salas, Scarlet, Cara Schoonover, Paul Sexton, Ryan Sneed, Albert Uzoigwea, Jamie Vahala, Matthew Vasquez, Josh Weir, host Alex Pogosov, all the other attendees who came out, and of course Bill Wisener for the venue!

Featured Performances:
Listen (audio only): Opalina Salas | Alex P | Lilly Penhall | Jamie Vahala | Paul Sexton | Hallie and Cara