Lost Art Open Mic Lost Art Open Mic - February 2011
Many thanks to the many readers and attendees who came out for the month of February and who helped make the open mic a success:

Stephanie Baldwin, Gerard Bendicks, Brandon, Mark Brandt, Katie Carroll, T.C. Claude, Bryan Cosio, Dave and wife, Justin Dyer, Emmeline, Casey Graham, Jason Gully, Barbara Kinsey, Harry McNabb, Abraham Mellish, Alex-Sandra Molina, Johnny Olson, Lilly Penhall, Emily Riggert, Carlos and Opalina Salas, Paul Sexton, Maggie Smith, Ryan Sneed, Bunny Trahan, Jamie Vahala, Matthew Vasquez, Josh Weir, Valerie Wong, our feature David Crandall, host Alex Pogosov, all the other attendees who came out, and of course Bill Wisener for the venue!

Featured Performances: