Lost Art Open Mic Lost Art Open Mic - May 1-22, 2011
Many thanks to the many readers, performers, and attendees who came out for the first part of May:

Andrew, B.A., Tre Boswell, Carl and Carmela, Chito, Chris, T.C. Claude, David, Ely, Emmeline, Anthony G., Daria Green, Jason Gully, Chris H., Shanna Hale, J-Me, Rosie Lindsey, Harry McNabb, Jeanette Miller, Johnny Olson, Lilly Penhall, J.W. Richard, Opalina and Carlos Salas, Paul Sexton, Ryan Sneed, Jamie Vahala, our feature Joey Cloudy, host Alex Pogosov, all the other attendees who came out, and of course Bill Wisener for the venue!

Featured Performances: