Conflict by Desmene Statum
Self against self
the worst kind
tie down the world
it has come to blows
Negligence of honesty
the burden of proof
an elusive Satirist King
Holy throne composed
of twisted bodies
in agony writhing
to the rhythm of his voice
Greatness corrupted in flesh
he held her up to the sky
a sacrifice to that greatness
Distant pounding of drums
the weeping of trees
lain down across
sacrosanct water
the shift of eyes
peering into darkness
The occult of passion
forgotten sorrow of the used
somewhere it all fell
chaotic immolations
organs naked to the earth
holier than dirt
Fertility goddess awakens
seeing horns follows god
to his hill of stones
where violent love
consumes their bodies
in fits of fire
The creation of thought
carnage of insolence
sacrifice, pain, joy
the release of souls
to the sheik of destruction