Little Letters by Desmene Statum
you’ve been
doing me down
for a long time
you know that wild thing?
sounds like a living orgy
sounds like a New Year
talk behind her back
about getting drunk
you went to jail
too many times
with all your little rock star friends
Shangho puppy

our words
never really ours
we own them
for only the moment
they escape our lips
and they are released into the world
to become
someone else’s.

Touch me as I fuck you
with my bedroom eyes
None Such Road

Still angry?
take it out on him?

thoughts of you
do you think of us?
or have we been replaced
by the next over eager
love struck blind
you haven’t called
or tried to reach out
in any way.
Are you happy?
I hope the thought
of my passion
is an etching
like grooves on the road
track marks on your heart
I’m hoping you
are shaking like a junkie
and lay awake jones-ing
for me.

These words are leaving me
as I escape distance
kissing your scars
from the inside
these words are a distance
from my escape

Burning fortunes
paper prayers
quivering on the water
as ash
specks of red kindling
extinguish with a shush
The lake warbles
and with a shiver
my prayers become waves
across a greater distance
than a moaning thought.