The Open Mic Project: Jolee Davis
The Open Mic Project The Open Mic Project: Jolee Davis
Jolee Davis, (c) 2002 by Peter Orozco Born in Dallas in 1974, Jolee Davis possesses a deep passion for writing that has always been an integral part of her being. Fueled by a deeply rooted desire to create, and unencumbered by any inordinate cravings for desire or fortune, she pursues her ideal of creating purity and meaning in her work. Jolee’s inner passions have found expression in three collections of her poetry, the first of which, Vicious Cycle, was self-published in 2001, and the second of which, The Path of Desire, was completed in 2003. She has shared her work through readings, open mics, and poetry salons at Insomnia, the Balcony Club, the Cosmic Café, Barnes & Noble, Bill’s Records & Tapes (where she served as co-host for a time), Paperbacks Plus (occasionally pulling double duty as event organizer), the Absinthe Lounge, the Good Times Bar, Lucky’s Café, the Deep Ellum Arts Festival, the Kessler X+ Art Gallery, the Laughing Goat Coffeehouse in Boulder, Colorado, and while on tour with Amy Weaver.

In 2006, Jolee Davis and Joey Cloudy formed Project 108, a non-profit corporation dedicated to supporting underground poets and artists. Project 108 subsequently took over the publication of Death List Five, a local poetry / art magazine she started with Joey in 2004 and which published many of the spoken word artists featured on this site. Jolee’s third chapbook, Self Righteous Cunt, was completed in 2010.

“I don’t have a choice about writing; it’s like brushing my teeth or sleeping, but I don’t call myself a sleeper.”

Selected Works:
Vicious Cycle, 2001, self published
The Path of Desire, 2003, self published
Self Righteous Cunt, 2010, self published

Other published works:
“Wide Awake (Feverish and Crying)” in Death List Five volume 2, winter 2005
“They Don’t Sing, They Scream” in Danse Macabre, 2010
“How to Avoid Hate Crimes” in The Beatest State In The Union: An Anthology of Beat Texas Writing, 2013 (upcoming)
“How to Avoid Hate Crimes” in Bullying, 2013 (upcoming)
“A Letter to My Son on His 18th Birthday” in The Blue Max Review 2015

Other works:
Amputation (unpublished play)

Bread and a Circus
The Lost
Bread and a Circus
The Lost