10 Answers by Michael Clay
I’d be hard pressed
To offer 10
And if you’re asking
If you’re asking me
Well, that’s no light thing
But, truth is
I don’t have many answers
If it’s a two-bit question
“Why here? Why now?”
I’ve got a three-penny answer
“That’s just how chance would have it.”
Yeah, take a chance
Tempt Fate
Teeter on the precipice of perpetration
Come up dripping wet with consequence
Dry yourself in the hot light of examination
Answer #1: There’s nothing better to do

But, I hear you
That’s a cheap answer
Any vagrant, tycoon or shyster
Would say the same
You’re asking the deep question
That deserves pause
Pondering and poignant reflection
Answer #2: I tried the other to no avail

Now, I could talk about that
Anticipate the next question
But on that subject
I have no answer
Not one that satisfies me
It’s only a long story
I’m tired of telling
I’m all tapped out
Answer #3: I did it to myself

Now you could question my reasoning
The very bottom
The shaky foundation
Upon which my flimsy life
Sways and swings
That one is more complex
Many turns of perspective
The answer changes
With a turn of the head
A sideways glance
Answer #4: I turned around and followed my nose

So, don’t ask me what you should do
Or what comes next
I start every day
By swinging my feet to the floor
Just like anybody
Some days the floor is cold
Other days I don’t want to get up at all
But I’m getting older
And can’t stay prostrate too long
Creaking joints, you know
Just can’t stay down
Answer #5: Motion is better than stasis

So, I could get deeply philosophical
Wax eloquent
Tell you the sound of one hand clapping
Then slap your face
For your insolence
In asking the wrong question
Reaching too far
Answer #6: I’ve learned my limitations

Step outside your zone
And you get knocked back
But, step out again
A second, maybe a third time
And they lose interest
They like to slam the first-timers
Put the fear in them
Most won’t try twice
Be a veteran
Build up some scar tissue
Dull some nerves
Answer #7: There’s pleasure on the down side of pain

OK, you caught me
Answer #6 was kind of thin
That talk of limitations
Was left over backlash
From an earlier time
They start by laying down guidelines
What we can and cannot do
Administer tests
Determine our aptitudes
Hang us about with weights and handicaps
“Don’t push too hard!
Everyone has their groove.”
Answer #8: I popped out of mine one day

So, that’s enough
I’m no sage
No fount of wisdom
I can’t draw the template
For the five year plan
I don’t know what works for you
Answer #9: What works for me changes from day to day

No more questions now
I told you I’d be hard pressed
To offer 10