Bungee by Michael Clay
OK, I came into this one a little slow
I hooked my elastic psyche
Onto a merry-go-round with momentum
And I’m starting to feel the pull

I’ve been on a plunge toward the raging maelstrom
Deep at the base of a dark chasm
I’ve been rocketing into a deep funk
Stretching taut ’til the tension snaps

When the inertia slowed
And I started to feel a backward tug
A change in direction, one-eighty up to a glimmer of light
I have been having confidence issues
Struggling with my own opinion
Of failure and success
Have been

Now I’m feeling the rush of air
The singing blue of upward motion
I can find my own worth, establish my own place
My screaming comet community of self
Tailing off for a million miles
To write a long, luminous story
Across the starry sky