Skeletal Romeo on the Microphone by Opalina Salas
Skeletal Romeo on the microphone
blow that blow that
make the sky cry with envy and the earth shake beneath us
wild-eyed throw and cigarette
shame them all for not
catching that beat.
sometimes my mind is blind
sometimes i can only fall back on my own
thick shoulders
and smile
sometimes i want to be the man in the movie
the dungarees and tobacco
the dirty hands and two bit whisky shot glass rubbing my head
with its cool sweat
but i’m not,
not even a show girl or a mystic
i’m just watching
dead eyed wonder.
i wonder how it happens
the planets collide
and for a minute we are supernova tidal waves
of expression,
is it ok that i feel so alone with your words?
so primitive and tribal
that i want to wrap you up as my own,
slam you between pages and keep you on the shelf.
Paperback romance embrace of us
but not us
but not us
cause i’m too old to have these feelings anymore
and i’m not sure if i remember what romance is for,
i just feign my way to resignment
and secrets
that aren’t secret anymore,
is more than an word i scream when i cum
it’s the culmination of desire of what is encompassed in the idea of
don’t do yourself in over that girl
or me
or anyone
keep that soothsaying mantra in your heart
and your loins
will surely