Live at Lost Art Open Mic CD Download
Live at Lost Art Open Mic CD
Live at Lost Art Open Mic

The first official PAO Productions CD release: 18 poets and musicians on a legendary stage. The collection features live performances from several local spoken word artists and performers, including many who also feature as part of the Open Mic Project.

Original release date: November 7, 2010

Download individual tracks below, or download the complete CD with inserts as a ZIP file.

Introduction - Alex P
Slap Guitar in D-A-D-G-A-D - Jason Gully
Lost Again - Josh Weir
Bodhisattva Brian - Opalina Salas
Mine - Emmeline
Death and the Dark Man - Shanna Hale
Ode to the Orgasm - Lilly Penhall
Who the Hell Am I? - Johnny Olson
Promise - Josh Martin
Spite on Thee, Motherfucker - Aeone Singson
The Angel - Justin Hart
Clocktower Madness - Da'rrell Cloudy
My Player Hatin' Ass - Alex P
The Call of the Shofar - Devorah Titunik
Breathe - Alexcie Ewbanks
I Am Your Home - Paul Sexton
Cold Day in Hell - David Crandall
It Costs Money To Be This Poor - Roderick Richardson
No Talent Ass Clown - Joey Cloudy
Closing - Alex P
Lost Art Open Mic CD release flyer
All recorded material © 2010. All material performed is owned by the performing artists.
Recorded and edited by Peter Orozco / PAO Productions.