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Opalina Salas - The Open Mic Project Recordings
Opalina Salas - The Open Mic Project Recordings

Recorded for the Open Mic Project, this CD features all sixteen poems recorded during the Opalina Salas session in May 2009.

Original release date: November 12, 2010

Download individual tracks below, or download the complete CD with inserts as a ZIP file.

To My Oceans Eleven
In Progress
Skeletal Romeo on the Microphone
An Invitation to the Truth
Alcoholic's Lament
Does Me Good
Poem a Day
Releasing Daddy-O
Read My Lips for Unwritten Love Letters #49
It All Happens Somehow
You'll Write Again
I Just Wanted You to Know
Opalina Salas
All recorded material © 2009 / written and performed by Opalina Salas.
Recorded and edited by Peter Orozco / PAO Productions.