Site Updates

24 February 2016 The mobile revamp of the site is now complete. All pages will now format properly on mobile devices.
May 2015 For some time now I have been working a revamp of the site in order to make it mobile-friendly. This will take some time to pull off due to the number of pages affected and the fact that my priorities have shifted to areas other than maintaining a website. It will eventually get done, but there is no ETA as yet.
March 2014 Ended support for IE8 web browser (it's really time to move on). Removed remaining 2007-just-learning-to-code-HTML style photo galleries. Overhauled "under the hood" design for home page and cleaned up the source code. Added the "CD Collection" gallery. Began serious work toward SEO accessibility in the photo galleries. Began work toward standardizing source code across the site.
February 2014 Added the "Venue List" gallery.
2 January 2014 The site revamp is now nearly complete - all videos and video players have been converted over to HTML5 compatible versions, all photo galleries have been updated to a sleeker and more modern format, the long delayed collection of photos from the 2002-2004 open mic at Bill's Records (the precursor to the Lost Art Open Mic) is now up and running in a new gallery, the 2013 road trip photo gallery is up, and innumerable smaller tweaks and changes have been completed across the site as a whole. A great deal of modernization has also been completed on the underlying code of the website, and the site should now play much more nicely with mobile devices than it did before. There are a few remaining tweaks and updates left, but regular, rapid updates to the site's content will resume in about a week.
21 April 2013 If you're viewing the site using an iOS or Android phone, you will soon be able to view all the site's content, including the videos which are currently unavailable due to Flash restrictions on these two platforms. All of the site's multimedia content is gradually being migrated over to a new HTML5 based design which is already live for the Open Mic Project and most of the videos on the PAO Productions Video page.
23 November 2012 Began a series of updates to remove some old and obsolete material from the site. I am also working on modernizing the coding and presentation and on overhauling several areas so that the site is much easier to update and maintain in the future. Look for the updates in the days and weeks ahead.
18 November 2012 The site has been newly updated following a forced hiatus (due to behind the scenes computer difficulties). Check out the Ellen Hinton interview posted today.
5 October 2012 A hard drive failure has put me quite a bit behind on site updates and I'm going to be working on getting caught up over the three day weekend. New material will be coming soon.
16 September 2012 Conducted interview #5 today. Look for it in the weeks ahead.
1 September 2012 The site redesign is now officially complete with the debut of the new revamped video page. Today also sees the first in a possible series of video clips highlighting historical performances of Dallas area musicians and spoken word artists as part of a long term project. The aim of this project is to archive material recorded on now obsolete formats such as VHS. Featured clips will be uploaded to the YouTube page.
11 August 2012 Did some video and audio recording of Emmeline's set tonight at Café Du Luxe. Look for it in the coming months.
11 July 2012 Check out the Torch Idell interview posted today.
26 May 2012 I will be going out of town for the first third of June, leaving on May 31st and returning to Dallas on June 10th. Regular site updates will resume on the 17th with a new "Week in Review" update. There will likely be occasional postings to the website during the trip in the way of a trip log and other material that is currently being prepared.
19 March 2012 The new site design goes live today! Check out all the new features including the revised Cool People and Things, and the newly improved Guest book. Feel free to browse all the categories and contact me with any suggestions or feedback.
9 March 2012 The "Week in Review" page is up. This inaugural edition features three weeks' worth of material covering February 12 through March 3 and includes reviews of eight different events and 245 photos. This new area of the site will be updated regularly with photos and commentary on a weekly basis. Several other pages have also been updated with new layout designs as part of a continuing process of site realignment. Photos from February's Mad Swirl open mic have been added as well to the Photography area.
26 February 2012 Working on a gradual revamp of the site's page design. The new design will be more along the lines of what's currently being used on the Lost Art Open Mic main page. Updates will take place over the next few weeks. I am also working on a new "Week in Review" page which should be updated regularly with photos and commentary on the past week's events that I attended. Look for that soon as well.
3 February 2012 I contributed a few photos to the Mad Swirl Facebook gallery for 2/01/12. See them here. Sorry about the lower than normal quality - it's due to Facebook's photo recompression.
30 January 2012 A new With These Words gallery was added to "Live Photography" today. More site updates to come shortly.
23 January 2012 All the Lost Art Open Mic flyers and poster graphics are now available for download on the Downloads page.
18 January 2012 Welcome to the new year! A search box (powered by Google) has been added to the home page which should make finding what you want on the site a little bit easier. I've also added a gallery of behind the scenes photos from the production and assembly of the Lost Art Open Mic CD. More to come in the days ahead!
18 December 2011 A new Downloads page just went up today. Be sure to check it occasionally for any new desktop backgrounds, downloadable mp3's and videos, and other miscellaneous content.
15 December 2011 The new PAO Productions Interviews section is up! See interviews with Alex Pogosov and Emmeline online now!
14 December 2011 I contributed a few photos to the Mad Swirl Facebook gallery for 12/07/11. See them here along with other photos from the night.
8 December 2011 Conducted the third interview for the upcoming series today. This time it was the multifacted, multi-talented force behind the Mad Swirl 'zine and open mic, Johnny Olson. Look for it on the site in January.
7 December 2011 Photos of Silver Loves Mercury and Shadow Reichenstein have been added to the "Live Photography" area of the site.
1 December 2011 Conducted the second in a series of interviews to follow in the days ahead. Tonight's interviewee was the very talented Emmeline, the artist behind the musical masterpieces "Early Morning Hours" and "Someone to Be." Check her out on this website and at her Facebook page.
17 November 2011 Just taped the first in a series of interviews of local poets, musicians, and writers tonight. Look for it online soon!
13 November 2011 Photos from the With These Words plaque show at the Curtain Club on September 30th have now been posted in the Photography section, as well as photos of God's Joke at the Skillman Street Pub on 2/12/10.
13 November 2011 The October 8th Lost Art Open Mic video screening was a success! Thank you to all who attended or otherwise came to the WordSpace building to support me as I closed the book on this chapter of PAO Productions. You can see the original event listing here on the WordSpace website.