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Miscellaneous Writings
I'm something of a collector of obsolescence. I never throw anything away. I have two rotary telephones hidden away in my apartment, each of which has actually been plugged in at various times. An eight-track player sits on the media tower in my living room along with my multi-region DVD player, cassette deck, turntable, CD changer, and two VCRs. I have a fair-sized collection of 78 rpm records. And although I have no way to play them, I also have a very small collection of Beta format video tapes. And it will probably come as no surprise that I still possess an ancient 80286 home computer system, complete with 5.25" floppy disk drive, VGA graphics card, and dot matrix printer. In fact, I wrote most of my unfinished novel on that machine.

As you may have guessed, I tend to hold on to things for a while. This rule applies not only to obsolete technologies like the old computer, but to pretty much anything I have ever put any serious effort into collecting, using, or creating. On the creative front, this means that anything I've written in the last twenty years or so, from ruminations and adolescent fantasies to old high school and college term papers, is saved somewhere in some format.

The selections included here represent a fairly mixed bag of material. Some of these writings are several years old and were copied from the hard drive of the old 286 machine. Others are much newer and were composed on the much more up to date machines I now use. Typically the inspiration for my writing is something that I have read or heard about somewhere. Occasionally I find inspiration in the stray thought or idea that just pops into my head for no apparent reason. At other times the impetus for writing is the need to respond to some outrageous idea or point of view I find promulgated somewhere. The style of writing can range from pseudo-academic to documentary style to lighthearted.

The material here is completely separate from the main thrust of this site, as it has nothing whatever to do with the Dallas area arts, poetry, music, and entertainment scenes. It is presented solely for the benefit of the curious.

Miscellaneous Writings:
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